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Top 10 Resources: 2023's Most Viewed by Ortho Leaders

2023 was a busy year in the MSK digital health space, fraught with new challenges and opportunities. This includes the introduction of CMS mandates for patient-reported outcomes (PROs) collection as part of a growing focus on care quality and value, the growing interest in remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), and an industry-wide readjustment to changing provider and patient behaviors following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeking to provide our partners with comprehensive coverage of the most significant market trends impacting orthopedic care, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most-viewed pieces of content from 2023:

  1. Remote MSK Care Grows Revenue and Cuts Costs - Case Study: Learn how orthopedic surgeons are using digital care management to identify millions in cost savings, implement and receive reimbursement for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), and increase annual patient volume while bolstering patient engagement and connectivity. Download the case study here.
  2. Navigating the Transformation of Orthopedic Care - Clinical Panel: Tune in to an unfiltered discussion with the country’s most recognized orthopedic surgeons, focusing on regulatory mandates and value-based care initiatives, the shift to outpatient settings, the impact of AI and analytics on orthopedic care, and the limitations of telehealth and electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHRs). Watch the panel recording here.
  3. Digital Patient Management: Financial Impact and Opportunities - Webinar: Join Dr. Ahmed Siddiqi of the Orthopaedic Institute Brielle Orthopaedics as he discusses how the right digital patient management solution can significantly reduce costs, enhance care coordination, increase patient engagement and satisfaction, and enable remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). Watch the on-demand recording here or access the webinar slides here.
  4. Key Takeaways from CMS 2023 Final Rule for Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOPDs) and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) - Blog: Explore the updates and changes most relevant to orthopedic providers from CMS’ 2023 final rule for HOPDs and ASCs, including changes to the inpatient-only list, ASC covered procedures list, and more. Read the full blog here.
  5. Delivering Quality and Value with Digital MSK Care - Report: Showcasing how digital care management can impact patient engagement, outcome quality, and satisfaction, this report analyzes aggregate data from some 55,000 patients from Geisinger, Hartford HealthCare, ValueHealth, and Columbia Orthopaedic Group who utilized Force Therapeutics. Explore how data collection and reporting will be instrumental in delivering value and quality. Download the full report here.
  6. Bilateral Total Knee Replacement: A Care Partner Experience - Blog: A real-world story demonstrating the Force Therapeutics experience for post-surgical recovery from a care partner perspective. Read the full blog here.
  7. Hospitals & Health Systems: Building a Center of Excellence - Blog: Learn about the significance of Center of Excellence (COE) designations in an increasingly demanding healthcare regulatory and payer landscape, and how Force Therapeutics can help hospitals earn and maintain COE status. Read the full blog here.
  8. How Updates to CMS FY2023 Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program Impact Orthopedic Providers - Blog: CMS has introduced mandatory PRO collection following total hip and knee arthroplasty (THA/TKA) in inpatient settings. Learn about penalties, timelines, data collection elements, and more. Read the full blog here.
  9. CEO Letter: 2023 Outlook for the Digital Health Landscape - Blog: Force Therapeutics CEO Bronwyn Spira shares her thoughts on the most important trends for healthcare and digital health in 2023, including workforce challenges, recession fears, value-based care, and health equity. Read the full blog here.
  10. CMS Mandates THA/TKA PROs in ASC and HOPD Quality Reporting - Blog: Having announced mandated THA/TKA PROs in inpatient settings in late 2022, CMS has now expanded mandatory THA/TKA PRO reporting to HOPDs and ASCs as well. Learn about penalties, timelines, data collection elements, and more. Read the full blog here.

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