Transforming Episode of Care Delivery
Leading organizations use FORCE to accelerate recovery from Musculoskeletal injury

When the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model (CJR) was announced, an executive at a large IDN opined to us that this announcement "threw the healthcare world off kilter".

It's big.

Providers stand to gain up to 20% of the episode target price -- commonly $4,000 - $6,000 of additional contribution margin. The cost of lost opportunity here is even larger.

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What users are saying about FORCE
"We believe the FORCE model will change the way providers, patients and insurance companies manage therapy in the future. It essentially incorporates and captures the Value Based Principles of Quality, Service and Cost that are becoming the gold standard in today's Healthcare environment."
Mike West | CEO of Rothman Institute
"Patients all have positive comments about the FORCE platform, the customer service, and the convenience of the product. I truly feel that FORCE benefits patients greatly, which is noted by the positive outcomes."
Maureen B. RN, MSN | Patient Navigator
"FORCE Therapeutics provides my patients with a comprehensive, low cost, and convenient tool to assist with home therapy. With the platform, I can easily communicate with the patients about their exercises, monitor their progress and offer encouragement. Patient feedback has been very positive!"
Monica S. RN, BSN, CNOR, RNFA | Clinical Nurse
"I love the program and it is proving to be very beneficial to the patients. I am able to check in with patients on days that I do not see them in the office and patients feel very connected to me. The other salient aspect is that I think it increases patients confidence in their own therapy."
Mike M. | Physical Therapist
"The FORCE Therapeutics platform comprehensively engages the patient on all aspects of recovery. It educates and guides rehabilitation in a language that a folded piece of paper simply cannot speak."
Jonathan J. PT, DPT, OCS, SCS | Physical Therapist
"Doing home exercises is a great use of time. FORCE's Patient Success Team was always responsible about advising me of what to expect, answering questions, updating me, and checking on me to make sure all was progressing after my surgery. "
Terry S. | Total Hip Replacement Patient
"You are in the convenience of your own home and you can take your time. The FORCE Therapeutics Team works with you and consistently checks in on your recovery progress."
Robert A. | Total Shoulder Replacement Patient
"I have been doing exercises for spinal stenosis for years to avoid back surgery. The FORCE Therapeutics online program is a tremendous advance, both from the standpoint of video instruction on correct methods to do the exercises as well as the compliance measurement. It's great incentive to stay on track!"
Cathy B. | Spinal Stenosis Patient
"FORCE has kept me on schedule and helped manage my physical therapy recovery. The exercise videos were extremely helpful, especially in the beginning when everything was new. Despite doing outside therapy, I felt having online access kept me on track."
Joan K. | Total Knee Replacement Patient
"I was able to do PT when I wanted without needing transportation. I would hope that many others would find this to be an effective, easy and convenient rehab plan. I still do some of the exercises to continue to strengthen my legs."
Andrew P. | Total Hip Replacement Patient
"FORCE has allowed me to maintain the crucial, personal dialogue with my physical therapist between appointments and to have 24-hour Internet and mobile access to my physical therapy regime."
Sarah V. | Labral Tear Repair of Hip Patient
"I travel so much for work and I wouldn't have been able to schedule the surgery I needed if I didn't have this program."
Liz R. | Medial Meniscal Tear Repair Patient
"This is a great way to see the exercises and keep track as opposed to the sheet of paper I am usually given."
Stanley C. | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient