Creating Efficiency to Enable Better Patient Outcomes

Pre-operative optimization

Reduce surgical complications by preparing patients for a quick and safe discharge with personalized virtual education and exercises.

Post-operative patient monitoring

Access real-time patient-level insights tracking recovery progress to ensure timely complication resolution and successful outcomes.

Interconnected sites of service

Pivot swiftly from site to site by accessing standardized MSK protocols and reviewing patient-level data across all sites.

Safe and efficient discharge

Equip patients with surgery preparation materials, recovery plans, and virtual therapy through automated, provider-prescribed workflows–enabling an optimal ASC patient experience.

End-to-end patient education

Deliver tailored pre- and post-operative education and bidirectional communications–ensuring patient compliance and creating consistency for care teams.

Patient recovery monitoring

Monitor high volumes of patients with individual or aggregate views showing post-surgery progress with real-time updates–helping care teams prioritize support for patients in need.

Industry-leading outcomes collection

Capture outcomes data through strategic patient engagement techniques designed to increase PROMs collection and inform quality improvement initiatives.

Reputation and excellence

Utilize configurable dashboards and reports to drive automated registry submissions to achieve Center of Excellence status, and other certifications to enhance facility and provider reputation.

Value-based care and safety

Advance value-based care initiatives and ensure the highest level of patient safety with cross-functionally actionable population-level data analytics and insights.

Multi-site scalability

Create connectivity between multiple sites and providers to form a standardized, scalable model.

Operational Excellence

Leverage outcomes data to propel quality improvement initiatives and workflow optimizations to increase patient satisfaction and drive profitability.

Enhanced program marketability

Boost ASC value for patients by elevating in-person care with digital touchpoints bringing an innovative approach to the market.


Patients satisfied with Force Therapeutics


Reduction in surgery cancellations


Reduction in post-acute cost via Force Therapeutics


Reduction in post-op service utilization

“The utilization of Force reduces complications, improves patient understanding of what to watch for, and avoids hospital and ER visits. I’m a huge proponent of everything Force provides for us.”


Optimized Digital Care Plans for ASCs

A unified platform to streamline operations, enhance patient safety, and improve outcomes across multi-site ASCs.

Pre-Operative Education

Prepare patients for surgery and improve recovery outcomes with evidence-based, dynamically delivered pre-op education and care information.

Patient Communication

Enhance patient actionability and reduce avoidable costs with streamlined multimodal patient messaging capabilities and automated care plan touchpoints.


Prioritize patient support and enable scalable post-op monitoring through provider-prescribed education and real-time aggregate post-surgery progress dashboards.

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