Improving Patient Lives While Optimizing Financial Performance

Increased patient volume

Utilize digital care plans to scale FTE workflows and automate routine touchpoints, allowing for increased patient volume.

Reputation management

Leverage data to personalize the patient experience, positively impacting online reputation to attract new patients.

Digital patient engagement

Provide the highest quality care and gain a competitive edge by enhancing the in-person experience with pre-operative and post-operative digital engagement, education, and PROMs compliance.

Optimal financial performance

Capture new revenue streams through the Force Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) capabilities and intelligently track CMS-approved RTM activity.

Operational excellence

Leverage outcomes data to propel quality improvement initiatives and workflow optimizations to increase reimbursement and mitigate costly episode events.

Increased market share

Gain a competitive advantage and attract high-value patients by providing a digital MSK platform built to improve outcomes, retain patients, and gather new ones.

Evidence-based care plans

Outsource delivery of provider-prescribed exercises and education to guide patients through the recovery journey, shifting focus to patients who need additional support.

Task automation

Launch intelligent care plans to scale FTE workflows, automate routine touchpoints, and reduce team burnout.

Patient monitoring and communication

Monitor a patient's recovery with real-time visibility into progress and catch recovery issues before they come up.


Saved per MSK patient


Reduction in surgery cancellations


Reduction in post-acute cost via Force Therapeutics


Annual savings for care ecosystem using RTM

“The Force platform is instrumental in how we manage care for each patient from start to finish. The ability to monitor PROMs and stay in contact through direct messaging after surgery is key to preventing ER visits and readmission, which are not only costly, but also stressful for the patient.”


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

Seamlessly implement RTM into your practice and monitor qualified activities to support patients and open opportunities for reimbursement.

Strategic Patient Engagement Pathways

Drive frequent and meaningful patient touchpoints that improve outcomes and qualify for RTM CPT code reimbursement.

Patient Watchlist and Smart Alerts

Access patient dashboard to identify patients who are not meeting RTM eligibility requirements and prioritize engagement activity to help reach monitoring thresholds.

Reimbursement Support

Track qualified RTM activities enabling streamlined collection of CMS-required data points for reimbursement. Generate reports to bill for qualifying events with an audit trail for record keeping.

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