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Virtual Care Strategies and Telemedicine Resources

Force Therapeutics last week launched our digital resources page highlighting how leading systems are turning to digital technology to care for their patients at home during COVID-19, and beyond.

Included in the launch were research synopses that would have been presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting, interviews with providers describing their workflow and response to COVID-19, articles and whitepapers providing education about remote care technology, and much more.

News and Resource Highlights

The Future of Analytics in Care- Dr. Roy I. Davidovitch, NYU Langone

Dr. Davidovitch discusses how predictive analytics and the Force platform can help him risk-stratify to determine which patients would do better in an outpatient vs inpatient setting. Dr. Davidovitch also described the difference in collecting data while a patient is in the hospital versus when they are home: “The hospital can only rely on the time that you’re in the hospital. That window is shrinking, so you can’t really learn much from patients in an in-patient setting.”

Research and Remote Care- Dr. Antonia Chen, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Dr. Chen describes how her team is staying connected to their patients during COVID-19, and gives advice for those adopting remote technology for the first time. When asked how Dr. Chen is managing patients' expectations and pain when elective surgeries have been cancelled, she shared that, “Our team has been getting these patients on the phone and explaining that the surgery cancellation is to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. We have prescribed joint class which has some exercises in there to help patients, and they get the Force platform which comes with prehabilitation.”

A Discussion on Remote Care- Dr. Giles R. Scuderi, Northwell Health

Dr. Scuderi described unique challenges that his team is facing, and shared how his team is mobilizing and working from home where possible while still staying connected to their patients: “We still need to stay engaged with our patients. This pandemic has become the tipping point with telemedicine and connected care.”

Additional Resources

  • Virtual Education Class for Joint Replacement- Hear from Force's clinical solutions consultant on how you can replace your existing pre-op booklet PDFs with digital tools that enable remote education.
  • Case Study: Extending Reach to Traveling Patients- Learn how Geisinger leveraged virtual technology to extend their reach to traveling patients, ensuring continuity of care and reducing costs.
  • Whitepaper: The Latest Digital Strategies- Read our latest whitepaper on "The Latest Digital and Workflow Strategies to Predictably Add Value."
  • Buyer’s Guide: How to Evaluate Virtual Technologies- Thinking about investing in a virtual platform? Read on for tips to evaluate the latest and greatest virtual technologies available in the market.

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