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Power User Spotlight: Rita Hall and Kelly McCrone at University Hospitals

Here at Force we are lucky to work with some pretty incredible healthcare professionals. This spotlight series serves to celebrate some of the fantastic users of the Force platform. It's a chance to learn from Force pros about favorite features, tips and tricks and learn more about them in the process.

Kelly McCrone and Rita Hall work closely together at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio. Rita is the Total Joint Replacement Program Coordinator and Kelly is the Total Joint Replacement Patient Navigator. With over 30 years of patient care experience between them, we were excited to get their take on Force’s impact and where they think healthcare is headed.

1. How has your day to day changed since using Force?

Rita: Playing “phone tag” with patients was tremendously time consuming prior to Force. Now we can message a patient anytime, anywhere.

Kelly: Less phone calls overall and less time playing phone tag with patients.

2. What features do you find most useful?

Rita: Outcomes collection is a huge help, especially in my role as TJR program coordinator. PROs are a major component of the requirements for accreditation. Efficient PROs collection allows University Hospitals to maintain the Advanced Certification from The Joint Commission and submit data to the American Joint Replacement Registry.

Kelly: I love the mass messaging. I used to call all the patients 2-3 weeks prior to surgery asking them the same set of questions: Do they have a care partner? did they take class?…etc. Now I can send a mass message with those questions, which frees up time.

3. Do you find that Force makes you more efficient?

Rita: Yes, the screen has all the information needed, surgery date, etc.

Kelly: Absolutely! It allows me to spend time with the patients that really need my attention and I have more time to dedicate to other responsibilities.

4. How do you think about technology’s role on a Care Team now and in the future?

Rita: I think technology will be at the forefront of Care Team workflows in the future. Force provides patients with a real-time connection to our team.

Kelly: Technology is the way of the future! We are only going to see more of these innovations in health care. I love the prompt response of the tech support when we have questions or when patients have questions.

5. What’s a fun fact about you?

Rita: I volunteer at the Kids Book bank to promote literacy in young children

Kelly: I have been married for 15 years and am a mother of three. I swam in college at Edinboro University.

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