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Power User Spotlight: Katie at Muve Health

Here at Force we are lucky to work with some pretty incredible healthcare professionals. This spotlight series serves to celebrate some of the fantastic users of the Force platform. It's a chance to learn from Force pros about favorite features, tips and tricks and learn more about them in the process.Katie is a navigator at Muve Health. With over 10 years of orthopaedic nursing experience, Katie is no stranger to the changing tides of healthcare and rolling with the punches to ensure the best outcomes for her patients.

Compared to your prior nursing experience, how has now using Force changed your day to day?

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to practice in a similar role that I’m doing now in the past with trying to manage patients preoperatively and postoperatively. Being able to communicate with all of my patients via 1 seamless platform has made my life so much easier as well as having the opportunity to ensure that patients are being compliant with what has been prescribed for them.

What features do you find most useful?

Having a view of who is all caught up on their forms has been super useful. It gives me a quick glance of who I need to follow up with. I also really enjoy being able to receive pictures through the messaging system. This allows the patients and me to have a safe environment to check on them.

Do you find that Force makes you more efficient? If so, what do you do with the added time?

It absolutely makes me more efficient!! I am now able to spend time talking with the patients about their emotional needs for the procedure they are about to have and create a deeper connection with them. This in turn I have found, creates a bigger accountability to complete their surveys/forms. It’s a win/win for everyone!

How do you think about technology’s role on a care team now and in the future?

I don’t know what I would do without technology being a part of my care for a patient. It’s how we all communicate these days and allows us to track outcomes and most importantly reach patients that may not have easy access to healthcare with the exercises. I’m sure it will only increasingly become part of the way healthcare is delivered in the future.

What other challenges are you facing that technology could address?

I think we still have a lot of opportunity in the way we integrate with other health care services. There seems to be a gap in what happens at the doctor's office, hospital, therapy services and whatever else the patient may utilize to have a successful surgical outcome.

What's a fun fact about you?

I have participated in 7 Spartan Races!!

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