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How To Improve Patient Engagement by Leveraging Technology

By Danielle Grasso, Product Manager at Force Therapeutics

Although 90% of patient recovery happens outside the four walls of the clinic, Force-enabled care teams are able to closely monitor patients and intelligently adjust their care plans throughout the episode. Throughout the episode, at strategic touchpoints, Force improves patient engagement by making patients active members of their recovery. By using Force, patients quickly realize they are active members of their recovery, driving repeat engagement which leads to:

  • Educated and prepared patients: patients who are prepared and educated drive down the cost of an episode. They have a lower rate of readmissions and post-acute service utilization, and improved outcomes.
  • High patient satisfaction: patients who are active members of their recovery are more likely to achieve good outcomes and therefore be satisfied with their care.
  • Data collection and care redesign: patient inputs help uncover trends and actionable insights, allowing for pathway updates and innovation
Because patient engagement is so important, the patient care experience is at the core of Force’s product vision. We offer a variety of features and tools that foster engagement throughout the episode. Force care plans are dynamic, personalized, convenient, and keep patients connected to their providers.

Encourage Compliance with Personalized Patient Engagement Activities

Patients care about being “good patients” and completing the tasks their care teams ask of them. The Daily To Do List in Force clearly illustrates exactly what patients need to do to be compliant. It is a clear jumping-off point for patients every time they login to Force - material prescribed by the care team is delivered to the patient via the To Do List when most relevant to them in their recovery.

From the To Do List, we collect key data points such as pain and range of motion, deliver timely education via digitized content and virtual classes, and rehab patients via exercises. With the launch of Force’s Intelligent Care Plan, we’re able to intelligently adjust and personalize pathways based on patient inputs, and the unique needs and circumstances of each patient. Because the To Do List is clear and engaging, and personalized, we encourage compliance.

As demand for remote care increases, high-quality digital content for when patients are recovering at home is essential. Digitized content is useless if patients are not engaging with it. Force’s digitized content and virtual classes educate patients and foster engagement by creating patient-friendly content and delivering it when most relevant in recovery. Traditional in-person classes are burdensome for educators, and for patients, long, overwhelming, and boring. Force’s virtual classes contain modularized education and teach-back quizzes. Patients can complete their classes in multiple sessions and refer back to them at any time. With Force’s Content Builder, education and classes can be customized at-scale. We support a variety of class types such as joint class, spine class, and medication management class.

Capture Data for Evidence-Based Improvement

Patient goal achievement is the greatest driver of patient satisfaction. Force collects patient goals and tracks their progress towards achieving those goals throughout their recovery. We incentivize patients against themselves and their personal goals, rather than comparing them to other patients and discouraging them. This is key in driving engagement. Patients feel that Force is with them on their recovery journey, and we’re truly helping them achieve their goals after surgery.

As patients are engaging in the platform, Force captures compliance data and delivers it to care teams via intelligent alerts in a way that allows them to prioritize the patients who need the most attention.

Patients are at the core of Force’s vision. Our suite of tools fosters an engaged patient population, which leads to educated and prepared patients, reduction in post-acute costs, high patient satisfaction, and care-redesign.

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