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Introducing Intelligent Care Plan™: Scaling Personalized Pre- & Post-Op Care

Introducing the Intelligent Care Plan™

The American Hospital Association estimated the United States' Covid-19 epidemic will cost hospitals $202.6 billion in losses from March 1 through June 30. Revenue-generating service lines demand financial, experiential, and clinical risk for what happens to patients over the full episode of care, which becomes difficult to manage as elective care reopens and case volume increases over the next several months. While attention shifts to remote care to solve for limited staffing resources, the biggest challenge for most is how to do it in a highly-personalized way for each and every patient. We’ve responded with introducing Force's Intelligent Care Plan™, which will help to scale personalized pre- and post-op care.

What is it?

The Intelligent Care Plan™ is a virtual care pathways that intelligently adapt to the unique needs, risk factors, and treatment of each patient. This will help to scale personalized healthcare services and give time back to clinicians to treat patients that need them most.At Force, provider feedback is critical to the ongoing improvements and iterations to the existing experience on our platform. Traditionally, providers spend hours on a technology to construct the right protocols for patients. Force’s Intelligent Care Plan™ is a drastic improvement to the old manual process of building a library of different pathways in an attempt to personalize care. Our new methodology is founded on a rules-based engine composed of a singular master template with configurable rules that dynamically adjust remote care for each individual patient. “This technology is the future of clinical intelligence. Starting with the millions of data points that we’ve collected over the last decade, coupled with continued collection of patient reported outcomes, this technology will disrupt the way providers deliver virtual care,” said Ange Delgago, Product Manager, Provider Experience.

Provides Personalized Care at Scale

Over the past decade, the Force mission has remained the same. We needed to find a way to support every aspect of patient care, grounded in clinically-validated content. As systems shift toward value, providing personalized care to patients at scale is key. The Force Intelligent Care Plan™ addresses this issue: saving providers precious time while continuing to improve patient outcomes.Read more about Intelligent Care Plan™ and Force’s growth in 2020.

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