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CMS THA/TKA PRO-PMs – The Complete Guide for Ortho Care Teams

With mandatory CMS PRO collection for THA/TKA beginning in April 2024, many orthopedic care departments at hospitals and ASCs are now looking to organize around this new mandate. Those with well developed digital care infrastructure are making strategic pivots to ensure regulatory compliance, while others are reaching out to data partners to lay the necessary groundwork for the first mandatory reporting cycle. With the relevant CMS regulations regarding the THA/TKA PRO-PM being split across several substantial rule-making documents, finding the right information can be frustrating.

To that end, our team has developed a single source of information for all of your questions about the CMS mandate, including:

  • Cohort and Outcome Measure Calculation
  • Data Elements and Submission Process
  • Data Collection and Reporting Timelines for Inpatient, Outpatient, and ASCs
  • Mandatory Reporting Thresholds and Penalties
  • Benefits of Voluntary Reporting
  • Key Considerations and Recommendations
  • Additional Resources

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