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How to Strategically Optimize Your Orthopedics Service Line

Improve your Orthopedic Program

Fifteen of the top 20 US News and World Report Hospitals also appear in the top 20 national ranking for orthopedics. As leading Centers of Excellence shift towards greater value, they're investing in orthopedic episodic care management to future-proof their organization. One part of this is building and optimizing their orthopedic service lines.

In this whitepaper from the Force Therapeutics team, you’ll learn how 60+ leading orthopedic groups are turning their pain points into opportunities by:

  • Controlling patient-generated cost by engaging patients across the entire journey
  • Extending reach into the home by optimizing navigation and clinician workflows
  • Predicting outcomes by creating a process for data collection and evidence-based change

Download the whitepaper below to build your service line strategy, or visit Becker's to fill out your information and download the guide:

How to Strategically Build and Optimize Your Orthopedics Service Line

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