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Provider Overview: Force’s Powerful Quality Outcomes Dashboard

Here at Force Therapeutics, we’ve long believed that organizations can have a direct impact on the patient experience when given access to real-time data.

From nurse navigators reaching out to patients who seem unprepared for an upcoming surgery, to hospital administrators understanding what services patients are using – we’ve seen teams drive more meaningful impact for their non-op, pre-op, and post-op MSK patients when they’re empowered with data.

We understand that efficiency and optimization are at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Our goal is to enable that innovation, and help you provide the highest quality of care for your patients.

What is Provider Overview?

Provider Overview is a powerful home page dashboard that delivers clinical and business insights through clean visualizations.

We pride ourselves on being a vast source of comprehensive patient engagement and data. The Provider Overview dashboard gives clinicians, hospital administrators, and executives easy access to the actionable insights gleaned from that data, as well as a jumping-off point for various provider workflows.

In addition to cost saving insights, Provider Overview delivers insights on degree of service utilization, patient sentiment, and Force’s overall presence at your organization to enable administrators and executives to standardize care and increase patient satisfaction.

Insights for Hospital Administrators and Executives

Hospital administrators and executives understand patients can be the most underutilized and important member of their own care team, and that a patient engagement tool like Force can save costs by scaling providers. Patients who engage with their care plans in Force can achieve better outcomes and require fewer costly services. For example, for patients that complete their Care Instructions on Force, hospitals can save up to $350 in provider time saved, per episode. Provider Overview surfaces this and other cost-saving insights to help administrators understand Force’s impact on a business level.

Insights for Clinicians and Care Teams

Patient Navigators understand that successful outcomes for your non-op, pre-op and post-op patients are achieved by managing patients’ expectations and educating them as early as possible in their care pathways. Force helps these providers by identifying patients that require interventions and extra support in order to provide consistent high-quality outcomes. l. As patients complete these simple forms via SMS or email, Provider Overview updates the platforms regarding any patients that report feeling uncomfortable with their plan.

In addition, Provider Overview provides care teams with insights on overall engagement by patient, pain levels, and patient preparedness and satisfaction. These insights help scale workflows and automate routine touch points for providers, allowing you to prioritize your time and resources.

Our Commitment to Data Accessibility and Visualization

Provider Overview improves transparency into unique, proprietary insights and saves time by encouraging high-value actions, such as reaching out to unsatisfied or unengaged patients, or those who have high pain or are at high risk. Highlighting these actions for providers leads to improved outcomes for patients and cost-savings for the organization. This is just the beginning – stay tuned as we release more updates for this feature.

For current Force customers, you can access the new Provider Overview here.

For organizations new to Force that want to learn more, contact us for a demo.

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