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How Force minimizes the burden of implementing technology

At Force, we get out of bed everyday to fulfill our mission to deliver and support a digital health platform that connects patients and providers throughout episodic care plans.

As we’ve built out our execution-based teams at Force over the past 5+ years, we’ve been hyper focused and iterative on the most seamless and efficient ways to implement healthcare technology.

We learned early on that when it comes to orthopedic patient care, the services and support that sit alongside a digital health tool are critical to initial adoption and future success.

We’ve worked with too many customers who have had a technology dropped on them with little to no support. We often find ourselves coming in to replace such tools once providers discover that technology alone cannot solve the challenges they’d like to tackle. Instead, a technology partner (with services) is required. Without giving away too much of our ‘secret sauce’ here’s how we do it:

While physician care plans are in the works, our Client Success and User Research Teams are busy engaging the physician’s support staff to understand their existing workflow in supporting the patient journey.

With individual customer goals in mind (e.g. reducing episode costs and variation, improving patient experience and adherence), our team listens and maps out provider actions and touch points with patients from the time of initial consultation through post-op recovery or discharge to a home exercise program if non-surgical.

The exercise is always beneficial for providers to understand how much they do in their efforts to support patients, and oftentimes generates productive dialogue for areas to improve once they take a step back and reflect upon their practice’s workflow. From the Force side, this also helps us understand the best way to configure the Force experience to make it unique to each physician’s practice. Along the way, we’re able to keep an ear to the ground on pain points within the practice and brainstorm where Force can help.

While technology in healthcare is still not always embraced with open arms, by taking the time to understand the workflows of each individual practice, we can configure and mold the technology to act as a win/win. Our ultimate goal is to implement the technology to complement their practice workflow and save providers time. In some cases, this might mean replacing the 50+ voicemails that accumulate during a busy day in the clinic with Force HIPAA-compliant messaging. In other cases, it might be configuring the proactive outreach in Force Navigation to replace what nurses track today in spreadsheets, Outlook calendars, and post-it notes. At the end of the day, every physician, their practice, and their programs are unique; cookie-cutter technology solutions simply do not work.

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