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Ensuring patient success with Force patient support

Patients use technology if they have support

Once the physician and their Care Team have worked alongside us to configure the platform to their specifications, we’re ready to have patients enroll in the patient support program. We often hear from providers and executives alike that ‘our patients are not tech-savvy, and they won’t use a program like this.’ Our response is simple: ‘Patients will use technology if they have support.' The average age of patients on Force is 66 years. The majority of them have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop allowing them to access the platform. We learned early on that just because patients have a device, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are proficient users of technology.

Force Patient Success Team

Enter Force’s Patient Success Team. While we have designed and built a patient-facing product in the most user-friendly, physician-prescribed fashion possible, there is a population of patients who still need a hand. Our product helps us identify those patients, so we can provide additional support services for the patient themselves, or, in many cases, to the patient’s care partner/coach who may be using the technology on behalf of the patient.

For surgical patients, we over-invest in identifying the patients that need extra help before surgery, so we can get them logged in to access their care plan, review important pre-operative instructions, and complete necessary preoperative baseline outcome forms. Most importantly, when it’s time to come back to Force postoperatively, they remember what to do.

Typical patient portals have a ~30% usage rate. At Force, we didn’t build a technology that would only touch 30% of the addressable population. We strive for an 85%+ patient log in rate across our entire client base and are consistently taking patient feedback into action to create the best possible user experience.

Patient support leads to patient success

Our best days are when we hear from patients and providers about what they love and, similarly, what could be better about Force. Knowing that the work we do every day is helping to improve the quality of life of patients to get them back to the things they love to do is our fuel. With providers, we’re energized by helping to build a successful patient engagement strategy in order to be efficient in their day to day to free them up to care for the patients that need them the most.

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