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Building a Culture For Innovation

By Claire Babbage

Claire manages the People Operations team at Force.

There is no question that healthcare is about people -- and we’re smack bang in the middle of a shifting value landscape where providers are forced to do more with less. Traditionally, the approach to care has led to over-utilization of costly services that sacrifice patient well-being and satisfaction. Technology is emerging as a clear solution, but making technology successful in the healthcare space is a unique challenge. It requires an empathetic and all-hands-on-deck approach.

Que Force. We understand that successful healthcare technology is about the people who use it and the processes it can scale. Our team is dedicated to the idea that technology can connect and empower people to deliver and experience better care, at more accessible costs. In a field known for its wariness of technology, it’s critical that we form and foster a culture that is curious, determined and ready to tackle obstacles head-on. And that’s what we’ve done.

Our culture is defined by the positive energy our team brings to their work -- we truly value the way in which things get done. When you walk off the elevator into our open office, you can feel the momentum and optimism in the air. I see it in our interactions with coworkers and the attitude with which our team responds to challenges as they arise.

We come from many different backgrounds. We have people who bring with them formal healthcare experience, and those who bring experience from other industries, but no matter which route we’ve taken we all have a mutual respect for the knowledge our team members bring to the table. Bronwyn, our co-founder and CEO, brought other strong leaders on early. And we continue to grow with a firm belief that the best teams hire smart people who share in their mission and give them room to do what they do best.

What I love most about Force is the genuine passion on our team. We support each other when pushing new ideas forward, and we show up for each other so we can get one step closer to achieving our goals. We have high expectations for what we can achieve and where we’re headed and we all hold each other accountable for doing what it takes to get there.

A culture you want to be a part of, creates a company people want to work with -- a company that gets things done and has fun doing it. We are only able to produce such a dynamic platform and service because of the people who work here. Innovation is difficult. Any team looking to take on the status quo needs to be solution-oriented, aligned and optimistic.

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