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A culture of constant iteration and improvement creates better care

By Seong Jin Kim

The delivery of healthcare is ever-changing -- but this moment, defined by increased patient volumes and unmanageable cost, is demanding a particularly acute shift from providers. Influenced by many different parties, including patients and payers, providers are constantly under pressure to do more, with less, while delivering stellar outcomes.

Industry leaders are staying ahead of the curve by integrating the latest technology into their everyday workflow. The impact of these tools are crucial to success in a healthcare landscape defined by value -- they also take a range of adaptation and learning from key stakeholders.

We at Force are excited to be a part of this shift, in which these stakeholders are rediscovering what it takes to deliver incredible care. It’s core-value at our company to be constantly learning, and each and every member of our team contributes to supporting our clients in tackling new challenges and opportunities in orthopedics.

I’m a part of the Clinical Integration (CI) team, which is made up of clinicians and researchers who are dedicated to creating a data-driven vision and strategic implementation plan. At the moment, we are heavily prioritizing and invested in digitizing patient-reported outcomes (PROs) collection. Our goal is to find new and creative ways to make PROs collection process more engaging and efficient, not only driving higher collection rates, but also providing more accurate and actionable data.

One of our latest project is improving the personalization of online outcomes forms. We collaborated with the engineering team to apply conditions and branching (also known as skip-logic), allowing patients to see relevant sets of questions based on their previous responses. Also, we are in the process of implementing PROMIS CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) which uses item response theory to optimize and sharpen the outcome measure. These efforts help further improve data integrity while optimizing patients’ experience by reducing their reporting burden and fatigue. With this feature we’ll be support our clients in collecting more data for evidence-base improvement and research.

This is just one of many initiatives that are currently underway to continue the growth of our platform and client care-delivery. Force’s value of “life-long” learning springs from a commitment to constant iteration, improvement, and knowledge collection. We will continue to learn and discover digital solutions that can help providers standardize evidence-based best practices.

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