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Comprehensive Digital Care Coordination

Make digital your preferred care setting. Intelligently guide providers and patients through an evidence-based digital care journey with Force Therapeutics’ state-of-the-art delivery platform.

Why organizations choose Force as their digital MSK care partner

Reduce Readmissions and Complications
Shift care to the home via digital pathways without sacrificing quality education

Patients as Consumers
Utilize data to personalize the patient experience and positively impact online reputation management

Reduce Care Team Burnout
Scale FTE workflows and automate routine touchpoints

Standardize Care
Align providers and teams around data-driven, standardized clinical pathways that improve outcomes and minimizes additional costs

Manage Costs
Deliver care at scale while reducing avoidable post-acute complications and service utilization


Hospital Length of Stay


Post-op Service Utilization


90-day Readmission Force User Benchmark


Surgery Cancellations


Patients treated using Force


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A proven ecosystem of care coordination

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Digital Care Journey Management

Deliver clinically validated, patient education and provider-prescribed exercises to guide patients through every step of their journey

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EMR Interoperability

Easily enable coordination between Force and your EMR with our comprehensive integration workflows

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Personalized and Intelligent Care Plans

Force uses AI to personalize patient protocols and focus care where it’s needed the most

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Real-time Clinical and Business Insights

Data-driven insights to optimize care delivery and redesign

Patient Education & Virtual Physical Therapy-communications and messaging

Patient Reported Outcomes

Unparalleled matched PROMs collection rates & real-time data points give a comprehensive picture of your patients’ progress

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Data Collection

Data delivered via Force dashboards, APIs, or raw data assets