Delivering Quality and Value with Digital MSK Care

Digital Health Insights from Hospitals, ASCs, and Private Practices from 2016-2023


Propelling the Future of MSK Care

Providers who have experienced the benefits of virtual and remote care–whether for patient outcomes and satisfaction, complying with regulatory requirements, reducing staffing challenges and team burnout, or optimizing workflows and operational costs–have fully embraced digital care management as a critical component of their overall care strategy, and more are quickly following suit.

Introducing the 2023 Clinical Impact Report

This report aims to showcase how digital health can have a direct clinical impact on patient engagement and outcomes quality. We do so through patient data collected via the Force Therapeutics platform from some of our care partners–namely Geisinger, Hartford Healthcare, ValueHealth, and Columbia Orthopaedic Group–across nearly 55,000 patients.

Key Learnings

Read this report to learn about:

  • The increased need for patient data collection and reporting to deliver value and quality.
  • The evaluation of PROs for hip, knee, spine, and shoulder conditions from more than 50,000 patients, including scores from HOOS Jr., KOOS Jr., ASES, Quick DASH, NDI, ODI, PROMIS Global, and VR-12.
  • Patient compliance and engagement metrics, including messaging, log-ins, and education activities.
  • How Force Therapeutics’ care partners achieved 83% opt-in and near-perfect patient satisfaction.
  • The number of patients meeting minimal clinically important difference (MCID) and substantial clinical benefit (SCB) benchmarks.

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