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Which companies are innovating in healthcare delivery for the 50+ market?

June 22, 2021

By Brian Dalton

Read the original article here: MedCity News

We’ve seen a wealth of innovative approaches to healthcare delivery within digital health, and the senior market is a major focus for many of them. These healthcare delivery vendors are striving to improve access to care through telehealth via video, email or phone calls. Other companies in this category are using apps and online tools to bring providers to seniors’ homes — physically and virtually.

The 50+ market is thriving, but it’s often not given enough attention.

So, back in October of last year, MedCity announced that it was partnering with AARP to unearth the people, ideas and companies that are innovating for the vital and growing 50+ market.

Since we started the nomination process, more than 150 entries were collected through November 2016. Now through stages, we want to arrive at the final 50 Innovation 50+ Leaders.

This week, we invite readers to pick their favorites among companies innovating in the Healthcare Delivery Company category. To read the nominees, visit the original MedCity News article.

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