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University Hospitals embraces new technology to extend physical therapy reach

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center recently announced a new collaboration with Force Therapeutics to aid in the rehabilitation for orthopedic surgery patients.

Though there can be challenges in managing care for patients who come from greater distances, particularly those who require post-operative physical therapy, UH is empowering patients with information and communication wherever they are.

The New York-based company is a surgeon-prescribed video platform that guides patients throughout their rehabilitation through video, episode-based education and rehab, automated navigation, and digital communication.

As patients engage in their prescribed care plan, physicians are able to collect patient-reported outcomes and discrete data and analytics throughout the entire process. This platform not only scales navigation teams, but allows clinicians to more closely monitor patient progress throughout their recovery.

University Hospitals conducted a successful three month pilot of the program and is now expanding the use of this program across the 18 hospital system. The initial pilot program included seven surgeons with 200 patients who had an average age of 64.

Almost 90 percent of the patients who were offered the program logged in and completed the entire video set of physical therapy tutorials with positive outcome. Most importantly, a 28 percent reduction in readmission rates was experienced as a result of the virtual therapy sessions.

“This video platform and series allows our orthopedic department to extend far beyond traditional geographical borders,” said Matthew Kraay, MD, Director, Joint Reconstruction and Arthritis Surgery - UH Cleveland Medical Center. “We are enhancing patient engagement and communication with care providers with this telehealth tool throughout the episode of care for total joint replacement.

The technological solution solves a multitude of problems for orthopedic surgery patients including reductions of complications and readmission rates, and serves as improved options and value for patients.

The agreements UH recently formalized with Walmart and General Electric to provide their employees with orthopedic care is especially important for patients who would seek treatment with the hospital as the telehealth option would bridge distance and ease the rehabilitation process.

Force Therapeutics presently provides video rehab instruction for over 50,000 patients in 50 hospitals across the country with 155 surgeons participating in the programs.

Join thousands of healthcare executives, orthopedic surgeons, and care team members who trust Force as their digital care partner.

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