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Rothman Institute strengthens collaboration with Force Therapeutics to boost surgery recovery: 9 highlights

By Megan Wood

Read the original article here: Becker's Spine Review


Philadelphia-based Rothman Institute is expanding its partnership with New York City-based Force Therapeutics to enhance patient communication and education.

Here are nine highlights:

1. Rothman Institute and Force have been partners for three years, during which time Rothman Institute patients' functional outcomes have increased.

2. Forty-one Rothman Institute surgeons leverage the Force platform in their practices, and more than 15,000 Rothman Institute patients have accessed the technology.

3. Rothman Institute intends to further utilize the Force platform in their spine and sports medicine sectors.

4. The technology integrates with the Rothman Institute's patient journey beginning in preoperation all though post-acute care. Via the platform, surgeons prescribe video exercises and educational materials for patients.

5. Care teams receive real-time data and outcomes via the platform, giving surgeons a snapshot of patient progress.

6. In 2016, Force impacted more than 9,873 Rothman Institute surgeries with 6,460 patients setting recovery goals.

7. The average length of engagement was 9.5 weeks in 2016, at Rothman Institute.

8. Rothman Institute has conducted four studies involving Force Therapeutics.

9. Rothman Institute CEO Mike West commented the Force platform is cost-effective, quality focused and has helped with the value-based care transition.

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