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Remote monitoring for physical therapy, Force Therapeutics raises $2.2M

By Stephanie BaumRead the original article here: MedCity News


Force Therapeutics, a digital health business that brings remote monitoring and telemedicine to physical therapy, has raised $2.2 million, according to an amended Form D filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

A source familiar with the fundraise said the company raised capital from six new investors across strategics and private equity. The financing closed last year. Force Therapeutics is expected to provide details on the financing round next month.

The New York-based company, which is part of StartUp Health’s portfolio, seeks to make it easier for people to recuperate from home after surgical procedures and still follow through on their physical therapy regimen.

Patients from healthcare facilities subscribing to the company’s service can download the FORCE Patient app to view their rehab exercise videos and send messages to their physical therapist or another care team member. Patients also submit report progress and complete patient reported outcome forms at specific intervals, making key information available to care teams for triage and interventions. Providers monitor the FORCE dashboard and analytics to track patient outcomes, pain levels and adherence to the prescribed care plan.

The app is available for devices on Android and IOS networks. Data from the app is transmitted to the patient’s surgeon, physician or physical therapist so they can track the patient’s progress and intervene if necessary.

One problem it solves is reducing the number of canceled appointments for patients who tend to have mobility problems that would make it cumbersome to make it to a doctor’s office anyway.

Here’s an interview I did with founder and CEO Bronwyn Spira, a physical therapist who founded the company, at the mHealth Summit a few years back.

Update: An earlier version of this story included a video for a product that no longer exists. A more recent video has been added along with product information clarifying the patient and physician facing components.

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