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Force Therapeutics Achieves Record Growth in Case Volume and Provider Utilization in 2021

Company closed the year with 49% increase in total case volume and 26% growth in the number of provider staff using its episode-based care management platform

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Force Therapeutics, the leading patient engagement platform and research network, today announced record growth in the number of patients and providers using its episode of care management platform. While the company has steadily grown its year-over-year case volume, the number of patients using the Force Therapeutics Platform in 2021 jumped by a remarkable 49%. The company also saw 26% growth in the number of provider staff on the platform, who rely on Force to reduce cost and quality variations across key service lines.

When Force was founded in 2010, the company focused primarily on total joint replacement episodes of care. Today, its offering has broadened to all musculoskeletal diagnoses, including sports, spine, trauma, and non-operative musculoskeletal care, as well as bariatrics and cardiac care. The Force platform delivers clinically validated, provider-prescribed education and video content to patients recovering from injury or surgery at home.

In partnership with more than 300 clinical care teams at hospitals and health systems, academic medical centers, and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) across the nation, the Force platform is currently managing care for 94,395 patients actively engaged in an episode of care. The company's growth in 2021 was driven in part by expanded utilization during a complex year across many longtime enterprise clients, including ValueHealth, Geisinger, Scripps Health, and Northside Hospital.

For example, ValueHealth LLC, a national ASC network and the recognized leader in Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE™) with more than 30 health system partners, began using the Force platform in 2017 to manage episodes of care for its total joint replacement patients. In 2021, ValueHealth expanded its use of the Force platform to include patients suffering from sports, shoulder, and elbow injuries, as well as those recovering from spinal surgeries – representing a 261% increase in overall case volume.

"We've embedded Force as our case navigation solution and as a standard part of our technology platform," said Marc Rubinger, chief information officer at ValueHealth. "All new hyper-specialty facilities joining our network will be using Force's remote episode care management capabilities to improve outcomes."

Geisinger, an integrated healthcare system that includes 11 hospitals and a 600,000-member health plan, collaborated with Force Therapeutics in 2017 to deliver custom care plans for patients undergoing hip and knee surgeries. The Force platform has been instrumental to the system's growth, and case volume has risen by 292% since the platform was deployed across every procedure within musculoskeletal care. In 2021, Geisinger treated its first non-operative patients via the Force platform and implemented Force's preoperative education classes to prepare patients for spinal surgeries, thereby eliminating the need for in-person visits before a procedure.

Scripps Health, a nonprofit, five-hospital healthcare system based in San Diego, California, has realized significant value from its Force partnership over the past several years. After extending the platform across all musculoskeletal diagnoses in 2020, Scripps Health has increased the number of patients enrolled in the platform by 32%. Northside Hospital, a network of hospitals and medical facilities in the Atlanta metropolitan area, monitors patients remotely via the Force platform, and its success has contributed to a 218% growth in the number of cases managed by Force over the last four years.

"From the beginning, our mission has been to provide as many patients as possible with access to high-quality, clinically validated remote care," said Bronwyn Spira, founder and CEO of Force Therapeutics. "By successfully reimagining how a virtual platform can engage patients in active recovery, we're able to extend the reach of our clients' care teams and offer the personalized support patients need in the home. We're thrilled to play a role in helping our clients reduce variability, improve outcomes, and drive down the cost of care."

The Force Therapeutics platform uses AI-driven technology and the cumulative intelligence of more than 400,000 completed patient treatments to enable the delivery of clinically relevant, personalized care for each patient. Force clients realize an average cost savings of $2,100 per patient throughout a musculoskeletal episode, and the platform has helped many clients reduce avoidable readmissions and decrease unnecessary outpatient services.

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