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Early Adopter of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Achieves Significant Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Orthopedic surgeon to present insights on cost reduction, remote therapeutic monitoring, and digitally enabled patient outcomes in upcoming webinar

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Force Therapeutics, a leading full-suite digital care management platform, announced today that Ahmed Siddiqi, MD, MBA, orthopedic surgeon for Orthopedic Institute Brielle Orthopedics in New Jersey, an early adopter of digital and remote musculoskeletal (MSK) care, has identified significant clinical and financial benefits through the Force Therapeutics platform. The Force platform has helped Dr. Siddiqi's practice optimize care at every patient touch point across a whole episode of care, achieving savings through digitally enabled remote care capabilities and supporting successful reimbursement for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) from both public and private payers.

Using Force Therapeutics' RTM capabilities, Dr. Siddiqi's practice has received reimbursement averaging $288 per patient using the new RTM Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, while virtual education and enablement capabilities helped him achieve cost savings of up to $1,350 per patient for pre-operative care alone. The total cost savings through the entire care episode – especially in light of avoidable emergency department visits and readmissions – has a significant financial impact on his practice.

"The Force platform is instrumental in how we manage care for each patient from start to finish," said Dr. Siddiqi. "The ability to monitor PROMs and stay in contact through direct messaging after surgery is key to preventing ED visits and readmissions, which are not only costly, but also stressful for patients. For example, we had a patient contact us saying he was heading to the ED. We were able to immediately receive photos, make an assessment and talk through next steps with him. We prevented an unnecessary ED visit – and the thousands of dollars associated with that – and our patient had a better experience and better outcomes."

Webinar Registration Now Open
Given the growing challenges from rising costs and shrinking reimbursements, healthcare stakeholders are invited to join Dr. Siddiqi for a webinar to showcase the results his practice has achieved since implementing the Force Therapeutics platform to support high-quality remote care management. Registration for the webinar, "Digital Patient Management – Financial Impact and Opportunities with Dr. Ahmed Siddiqi," at 2pm ET on March 14, is now open.

In addition to sharing detailed financial impacts from both reimbursement and cost savings, Dr. Siddiqi will help attendees understand how to apply his experiences to their own businesses. He will explore the typical costs and resources required for a standard patient treatment plan – from pre-operative patient education and preparation to post-operative communication, monitoring, patient reported outcome measures (PROM) collection, care instruction, and physical therapy. He also will highlight how implementing the right digital patient management solution can displace or reduce the costs associated with virtually every patient touch point while maintaining strong clinical outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

"It's so gratifying to work with clients like Dr. Siddiqi, helping them to take full advantage of the Force Therapeutics platform at every step of a patient's episode of care," said Bronwyn Spira, CEO and founder of Force Therapeutics. "The ability to manage evidence-based, outcomes-driven care at home that is individualized and adaptable for each patient and their care journey drives significant, measurable impacts for better patient outcomes at a lower cost."

About the Webinar Presenter, Ahmed Siddiqi, MD, MBA
Dr. Siddiqi is fellowship-trained in Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement Surgery from the Cleveland Clinic. He specializes in primary, complex, and revision total joint replacement. His training includes minimally invasive hip and knee replacement, partial knee replacement, robotic surgery, and computer-assisted surgery. His primary specialty focus is rapid-recovery, short-stay, outpatient joint replacement surgery, and healthcare reform. Dr. Siddiqi believes in the value of new and emerging technologies and is at the forefront of digital health and remote monitoring; in addition to having created two robotic joint replacement programs from scratch, Dr. Siddiqi has successfully implemented remote and hybrid care models for joint replacements since early 2020.

Register today for the March 14th webinar.

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