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App Helping Geisinger Patients Recover from Joint Replacement Surgery

Geisinger Health Adopts the Force App

The time after a joint replacement surgery is full of rehab and recovery, but up until a few years ago, there was no way for Geisinger Health System officials to track what patients were doing. The Force app changed all of that. Geisinger noted that typically, they'll see joint replacement patients at two weeks, six weeks, and three months after surgery, but they had no idea what was happening in between. The app consists of special exercise videos, helpful hints, and a messaging feature.

The Results

The app has given the organization much better access and insight into what's happening in between visits, and if they have a problem, they can intervene much earlier.  In three years, Geisinger has enrolled some 2,000 patients, and the results have been remarkable.  These results include tremendous drops in their skilled nursing facilities, so patients are going home much earlier, and our readmissions have dropped in the double digits. Dr. Suk noted that information patients input into the app is very important. So much so, it's integrated into their medical records electronically.

Read the original article at WNEP Channel 16 (PA).

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