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Case Study

How Geisinger Integrated Specialized Digital Ortho Care into its EHR

Geisinger seamlessly integrated specialized orthopedic digital care management platform into its Epic EHR, providing immediate value to providers, support for care coordination, and effective communication with patients. By providing personalized evidence-based digital care pathways for patients, Geisinger care teams gained real-time visibility into patient recovery and progress. 

Download this case study to learn how Geisinger:

  1. Achieved double-digit reductions in readmission rates and length-of-stay
  2. Cut care costs for both patients and payers by reducing SNF discharge and OPT utilization
  3. Enabled a compound annual growth rate of 86% in patient volume on Force Therapeutics
  4. Integrated Force Therapeutics into its EHR, including for surgical scheduling (SIU), case summary (MDM), outcomes scores (ORU), and single sign-on, to ensure providers have immediate access to longitudinal patient information

Geisinger care teams partnered with Force Therapeutics to improve the patient experience and gain real-time visibility into patient data. Learn about the challenges Geisinger faced, the solutions put in place, and the results achieved by downloading the case study today!

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