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RTM Reimbursement Represents a New Age for Digital Therapeutics

In 2022, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced five new CPT codes for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), marking the entry of patient-reported, non-physiological data into coverage criteria. For 2023, CMS plans to further expand coverage to include a CPT code for cognitive behavioral therapy monitoring.

The advent of RTM reimbursement marks an important milestone in the budding digital therapeutics space, due primarily to the following reasons:

  1. Validating efficacy of telehealth
  2. Incentivizing technology-enabled, optimized, and cost-effective care
  3. Reducing barriers to care and encouraging shared decision making

Read the full article on MedCity News to learn how RTM, enabled by digital tools, can support optimized, cost-effective care, strong outcomes, and heightened patient satisfaction, all while reducing barriers to care.

Our team will be monitoring all developments surrounding RTM in 2023 and working closely with our clinical partners to provide clarity and advocate for increased guidance from payors. Keep up to date with all updates on RTM and other digital health trends through the Force Therapeutics Resource Center.


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