Force McKinsey Webinar

Last week, we were excited to host a webinar with McKinsey’s HealthTech Network to discuss key digital health trends and how we’ve successfully partnered with dozens of health systems to deliver a rich patient experience platform that has captured millions of patient insights.

To begin the webinar, CEO Bronwyn Spira and COO Ruth Sun discussed the broad market need for digital health platforms. In today’s competitive healthcare environment, there will be clear winners and losers based on the value of care provided. In order to maximize market differentiation, we believe that providers will need to look at new, data-driven strategies to ensure future growth.

So what does this mean for healthcare organizations? We are consistently seeing organizations invest in greater efficiency and engagement to drive a positive local reputation, making themselves more attractive to the paying stakeholders in their respective markets.

Being able to drive further market differentiation means investing in the right tools and infrastructure to capture granular, actionable data. This goes beyond EHRs (“system of record”), which serve as a “back office” function that helps keep things running in the background. Rather, we see more providers looking into data repository and communication tools that can sit on top of EHRs — “systems of engagements” like ours — that drive meaningful, personalized patient interactions that gather richer, more varied data points to drive tangible change.

Sarah Ulcoq, VP of Clinical Solutions & Research, then took the attendees through a demonstration of the platform. The Force platform leverages digital connections and protocolized care plans to directly engage patients at every step of their journey. Through virtual rehab, patients can access video based exercise programs on any device and are prompted to report outcomes pre- and post- op. Providers can easily manage patients in one place with digital navigation, and smart tasks send intuitive alerts to follow up with patients.

In closing, Bronwyn shared some sneak previews of our upcoming announcements, such as  a new predictive analytics module that will proactively identify patients most at-risk. In addition, we will be expanding the Force Research Network through the publication of 40 new research studies with our clients. Questions from the audience focused on hearing more details regarding our expansion plans to additional service lines beyond orthopedics and provider organizations.

We thank the McKinsey HealthTech Network for allowing us to share the value of Force and welcome any demo requests for those looking to take a deep dive into the platform.

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