Force-enabled Research at AOA 2018

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Next week, the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) meeting in Boston will gather leaders from the orthopaedic community pursuing advancement in the future of musculoskeletal care.

As orthopaedics shifts to value, the growth of Medicare (e.g. BPCI, CJR), Commercial and Employer bundled payment models for joint replacement are requiring providers to innovate and approach care delivery differently. Considering the broad and rapidly transitioning landscape, the AOA meeting will presumably cover the proliferation of digital health solutions, and the impact these solutions are having in helping providers execute the shift.

Leading centers across the country (e.g. Geisinger, Northwell, Scripps, University Hospitals, etc) are incorporating digital care solutions into their care delivery strategy to minimize the reliance on, and cost of traditional post-acute care services (e.g. Home Care, PT, SNF) and embed virtual care into the continuum, enabling self-care and scalable digital patient navigation outside the hospital. 

Digital care solutions not only drive value by improving cost and resource efficiencies but are a powerful data engine capturing never before seen patient data.  Organizations are using big data gathered from patient engagement platforms to more efficiently and effectively run their business, redesigning care backed with evidence.

The Force platform collects outcomes and discrete data points as patients move through their care, providing organizations with new insights and access to information. The insights Force gathers is being used by clients to further measure, standardize and differentiate their care episode. With the help of Force’s research team, Force’s clients have been continuously publishing innovative research that is challenging the status quo.

The Force team has two research studies being presented at the AOA conference with partners from NYU and The Rothman Institute, both of which validate the efficacy of the Force platform impacting post-acute care reduction and enhanced patient-reported outcomes (PROs) collection capabilities, compared to traditional methodologies.  

Below are the two Force studies being presented at AOA:

“Successful Outcomes Can Be Achieved With a Web-based, Home Therapy Program after TSA” 

The Rothman Institute: Daniel E. Davis, MD, MS; Ryan COx, BS; Mark Lazarus, MD; Matthew Ramsey, MD; and Surena Namdari, MD, MS

“Improved Patient Reported Outcome Collection Through Integrated Online Patient Portals”

NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital: Chen KK, Feng JE, Anoushiravani AA, Kim KY, Novikov D, Spira B, Davidovitch RI, Iorio R