April 6, 2021

Celebrating Our 100th Research Publication

By Rachel Rabinowitz & Bonnie VosWinkel
With 10-plus years of robust virtual data collection, journal acceptances, and conference presentations under our belt, Force Therapeutics is thrilled to be celebrating our 100th Research Publication. This important milestone is made possible through our collaboration with our innovative, research-driven partners and their collective commitment to improving orthopedic care for all patients. The pandemic rapidly changed how we must think about and coordinate research and clinical trials in healthcare; however, Force and our partners have successfully been at the forefront of the remote-first approach to research for over a decade. These efforts are the cornerstone of the Force Research Network, through which we’ve enabled researchers to seamlessly connect with remote patients, collect outcomes at consistently higher rates than other technologies and collaborate with leading organizations around the country on multi-center studies. By facilitating high-quality data collection and remote, evidence-based clinical trials, the Force Research Network helps our partners meet their goals for improved patient outcomes and systemic care redesign, and has aided in the discovery of key insights and evidence-based practices at top orthopedic institutions. In honor of our 100th Research Publication, we’re celebrating some of our research partners and the important progress we’ve made together in addressing the opioid epidemic; patient outcomes and satisfaction; and multi-center research studies. Addressing the Opioid Epidemic   The opioid epidemic is an ever-growing crisis in the United States, and the need for information and innovative research into minimizing widespread opioid use has never been more imperative. Our partners are dedicated to addressing this epidemic and offering their patients the best possible outcomes; to this end, many have leveraged Force’s research capabilities to investigate new opioid-sparing protocols and best practices for non-opioid-based pain management. Improving Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction   Force is proud to work with institutions that recognize the immense value of the patient experience and are committed to ensuring the highest quality of care for their patients. Best practices are always evolving, and reliable, validated data is critical to measuring satisfaction and enhancing outcomes. Gaining knowledge and insights into improving the patient experience and outcomes ultimately benefit the entire care team as it relates to patient care and coordination workflows, while also providing patients with the highest quality episodes of care and surgical experience. Multi-Center Studies   By convening a large number of leading research institutions and like-minded thought leaders across the country, the Force Research Network is able to facilitate multi-organizational partnerships and studies to maximize innovation and foster ingenuity in the name of patient care. As a testament to the important work these collaborations make possible, we’re proud to announce that the Force Research Network and our partners received a record 6 acceptances to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2021 Annual Meeting! For over a decade, the Force Research Network has positioned itself as the leader in laying the groundwork and critically shaping the research in digital orthopedics. Force will continue to innovate on and provide cutting-edge technology and remote data-collection methods to support our partners in future research endeavors.

“For me, one of the most exciting things about Force beyond providing patient care is how we’ve been able to leverage it for research. We’ve improved our PROM collection for our established institutional database, we’ve been able to collaborate with other institutions utilizing Force, and most recently I’ve been able to leverage Force to aid in data collection for a prospective randomized controlled trial we just got up and running. This has freed up time for our research team to focus more on patient duties and not necessarily on getting forms filled out.” -Dr. Wayne Moschetti, Section Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock