Interview with an Intern: Max

By The Force Team July 31, 2018

Max Rothman is a rising senior at Cornell University, majoring in biology. He spent his summer interning at Force, working on research with the Clinical Integration team, and captaining our volleyball team. 

Why did you choose this internship at Force? 

Research has been a passion of mine since high school because I have always enjoyed asking questions and problem-solving. The opportunity to conduct research at a health-tech startup was very intriguing to me because it bridges my love for research and entrepreneurship. During my interview process, I also really liked my interviewers and the company values, which were akin to my values - grit, collaboration, and lifelong learning, just to name a few. I envisioned myself developing at Force professionally and personally and forming lasting bonds with my co-workers. Force has exceeded all of these expectations! 

What do you do in your role? 

My day-to-day responsibilities are always changing depending on the needs of the team, but most of my work is focused on assisting with data analysis for research studies validating the Force platform, improving company forms/materials, and pursuing my own research questions/topics. For instance, "do patients who login and watch a certain number of videos have better outcomes?" 

Some days, I might sit in on user interviews and a sales pitch, while other days I might be attending a conference or film shoot. It ultimately depends on the day but I have never not had interesting projects or things to do at Force. 

What does your team do at Force? 

My team (Clinical Integration and Research team) works with medical professionals to help them get accustomed to the Force platform, creates digital content for users and assists with research submissions. Furthermore, my team works cross-functionally on bigger company initiatives. Two examples of cross-functional initiatives that I have helped with are redesigning the Force website (I made suggestions that were implemented into the newest edition of the site) and optimizing the pre-op experience on Force for patients (I ran statistical tests to determine the correlation between different predictor and outcome variables). 

How does that play into Force’s larger mission? 

Force’s mission is to improve care by reducing costs, reducing readmissions and optimizing care. Medical professionals need the Clinical Integration team to help them standardize, and transition to, evidence-based care. Without the team’s constant provision of platform support, content and data, users would neither recover as quickly nor enjoy the platform as much as they do.  

What role do you think research and digital technology will play in the future?

I think research and digital technology is the future. Healthcare is a rapidly growing field that is in need of new technologies to sustain the growing population. Research is also crucial because disseminating clinical findings drives innovation and validates the inventions of the future. Force is constantly pushing the envelope to find new ways to improve care outcomes and help more people. 

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