Celebrating A Decade in Virtual Care

Celebrating a Decade of Virtual Care

Force Therapeutics is proudly celebrating its 10-year anniversary and, with a decade of virtual care under our belt, it’s almost poetic that we’re celebrating remotely instead of all together with our hard working team.

Today, just as a decade ago, the mission of Force Therapeutics has remained the same. We wanted to find a way to fully support every aspect of patient care, supported by clinically-validated content developed in partnership with the patient’s own care team. We wanted every aspect to be prescriptive, controlled and managed by clinicians with multiple measurable data points throughout the episode of care. We also understood that the patient experience had to be fully integrated and personalized, where all information was flowing from and to one central trusted source.

Selected Best Overall Patient Engagement Solution

Through Force’s patient-centric platform, providers and payers have been able to gather data to understand how variations in care can impact cost and quality in high-volume procedures. With 70 research studies and more in progress, the outcomes we’ve collected over the past decade have validated the platform time and time again, while saving significant dollars per episode for health organizations. Just this last week, we were selected as the Best Overall Patient Engagement Solution by Medtech Breakthrough.

We’ve created a video to highlight some of our milestones throughout the decade. Thank you to those who have been with us on this journey. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your patients.

Force 10 Year Anniversary Video

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